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Kidawida is the language of the Wadawida of Taita Taveta County in south eastern Kenya. The population of Kidawida speakers is probably around four hundred thousand (400,000), but the language is at risk due to the tendency in modern Kenya to prefer English and Kiswahili in both spoken and written communication. The small population size makes the threat of disappearance more imminent, and the need for action more urgent.

(Note: In Kiswahili, the terms terms used are Kitaita, Wataita and Taita, to refer to the language, the people and their land of origin, respectively. In English, these same terms are sometimes used, or the people may be referred to as The Taita or Taitas. Other times Taita is used to refer to all three.)

This Kidawida Wiki is dedicated to crowdsourcing Kidawida language data from all and sundry. The aim is to collect as many Kidawida writings as possible from anyone willing and able to contribute, and amass a large Kidawida corpus for various important purposes, including the following:

  • Preservation of Kidawida
  • To provide learning materials for schools
  • Linguistic study of the language
  • Creation of software applications for the language, such as an online dictionary, auto-correct, voice search, automatic translation and speech-to-text.

Any competent Kidawida speaker can contribute writings in Kidawida to this Wiki. Your contribution can take any form, including (but not limited to):

  • A children's story
  • A news article
  • An opinion piece on current affairs
  • A portion extracted from a book in the public domain such as the Bible.
  • A traditional song
  • A recipe
  • A translation of something written in English, Kiswahili or another language (take care to credit the original authors; obtain permission where it is required)

In all cases, should you use another person's copyrighted work, make sure you abide by the copyright.

How to Contribute

Search for the topic for which you want to create an article. For example, you can search for "The day I skipped school and lived to regret it". If there is no such article, you will be presented a red link to create this new page. Remember, while on this Main page I use English so that every visitor can understand what this wiki is for, you will be writing stories only in Kidawida, so in this example, your search query would look something like "Ituku neredelie skulu nikachakaba ngolo".

Click here to see a list of all contributions.


This work is made possible by the Africa Oxford Initiative and the Phonetics Labat the University of Oxford.